Friday, June 1, 2007

Backstage with Lalah Hathaway @ Yoshi's

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Lalah Hathaway, daughter of the great Donny Hathaway, is one of my favorite vocalists, with her though thoughtful phrasing and warm, rich tones. I had the privilege of taking photos of her during her recent stint at Yoshi's in Oakland.

Here are my top five Lalah songs that are currently available on itunes:

1) "Forever, For Always, For Love" -- A heartfelt tribute to R&B's king of longing, Luther Vandross.
Lalah Hathaway - Forever, For Always, For Luther - Forever, for Always, for Love

2) "When Your Life Was Low" (with Joe Sample) -- A moving tale with a simple message: what goes around comes around.
Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway - The Song Lives On - When Your Life Was Low

3) "I Gotta Move On" -- The early '90s track is dated, but Lalah's performance still feels fresh.
Lalah Hathaway - Lalah Hathaway - I Gotta Move On

4) "Don't Forget to Remember" (with Donald Lawrence) -- A wise reminder to count your blessings.
Donald Lawrence, Lalah Hathaway & Ramsey Lewis - I Speak Life - Don't Forget to Remember

5) "I'm Coming Back" -- An earnest declaration that some loves never die.
Lalah Hathaway - Lalah Hathaway - I'm Coming Back

Lalah albums:

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