Thursday, November 8, 2007


I'm on my sixth week watching "Dirty, Sexy, Money," the soapy
comedy/drama about an absurdly rich family (the Darlings) and the
lawyer who takes care of them. So far, it's fine as a mildly
entertaining background to getting ready to go drinking on Wednesday
nights, but it's neither "dirty" nor "sexy" enough to command my full
attention. The plots about corrupt moneymen, bratty heiresses, and
philandering politicos aren't nearly as juicy as the headlines they're
ripped from, and the cast couldn't come off as less sexy. On "Six Feet
Under," Peter Krause was often erection-worthy in an aging pretty boy
kind of way, but as goody-goody lawyer, Nick George, the show's
conscience, he's not even giving me a "semi." And when the hell did
Billy Baldwin get so unfuckable? I remember paying full ticket price
to see his bare ass boning Sharon Stone in Sliver. But as a senate
candidate who's fallen for a chick-with-a-dick, he's somehow lost all
of his hotness. Both dudes seem in desperate need of a new wardrobe,
some bronzer, and maybe a little product. This may seem superficial,
but, hey, the show is calling itself "sexy." I'm gonna stick with it
for a few more episodes because, with Bryan Singer ("House") and Greg
Berlanti ("Everwood," "Brothers and Sisters") as producers, it has a
good pedigree. But right now, it's in desperate need of an Extreme
Show Makeover.

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