Monday, December 3, 2007

R.I.P. -- Tom Terrell

Just found out that music critic Tom Terrell died of prostate cancer. Apparently, he didn't have health insurance, which is another reason why practicing journalism sometimes sucks (see post below). I didn't really know him, but he wrote some reviews for me when I was an editor at Vibe. Anyway, here's an obit from Undercover Black Man, and an excerpt from his moving article "CAFÉ C'EST WHAT: Death and Music" from PopMatters:

See, all my life, vocalists have given me faith, hope, and charity, caressed me, comforted me, taught me, guided me, carried me, nurtured me, encouraged me, loved me, forgave me, sheltered me, touched me, influenced me, and reached me in the darkest hours far heavily than family, friends, and lovers ever have or could. When I was a baby, my Moms told me the only thing that would stop me bawling was Johnny Ace's "The Clock" and "Pledging My Love". David Ruffin proved to me that wearing thick black eyeglass frames was cool, not corny. Curtis Mayfield, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and the Staple Singers taught me smart was the real hip, black was always beautiful, funk is spiritual, and to always love myself for myself.


Undercover Black Man said...
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Undercover Black Man said...

Hey Craig. Thanks for the linkage, and for paying tribute to Tom T.