Sunday, February 3, 2008

Craig's Obsessions: The 70s Supremes

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm more than a little obsessed with the post-Diana-Ross incarnation of the Supremes. What most people don't know is that the trio--which variously included Jean Terrell, Susaye Greene, Scherrie Payne (sister of Freda "Band of Gold" Payne), Cindy Birdsong, and, of course, Miss Mary "the Sexy Supreme" Wilson--recorded some of the coolest and most experimental girl group music of their time. (And, yes, R&B girl groups in general are another obsession of mine, but that's another post for another time...) My favorite album of theirs is the spacey disco epic Mary, Scherrie & Susaye. But I love just about everything they did. So imagine how excited I was when I was looking around on the EXCELLENT blog disco delivery and discovered some videos by the group that I'd never seen. (Who even knew they had made videos...I mean, aside for the disco delivery guy, obviously.) Here's my favorite and if you don't think it's fierce, we probably can't be friends, seriously:

"I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking"

Here are some of my other 70s Supremes favorites:

"Up the Ladder to the Roof""

"Stoned Love"

"Bill, When Are You Coming Back"

"All I Want (yep, the Joni Mitchell song)"

"I Guess I'll Miss the Man"

"5:30 Plane"

"Bad Weather" (written & produced by Stevie Wonder)"

"High Energy"

"He's My Man"

"Let Yourself Go"

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