Monday, February 18, 2008

Craig's Playlist: 2/15/08

My most-played songs of the week:

1) Mariah Carey – "Touch My Body"

Yeah, I know this joint just leaked on Tuesday, but I've been playing it more than anything else. I love everything about it: the laidback, "snap music" beat, Mariah's rapid-fire verses, and the lyrical references to white tees (still, a staple of hood ready-to-wear), You Tube, and shock jock Wendy Williams. It also marks the introduction of a sexier and, dare I say, scarier Mimi with all that talk about wrestling, being thrown on the floor, rocking around your waist, and hunting you down if you put her on blast. This time, she's not only emancipated, she's coming to get your ass.

2) Janet - "LUV"

For me, the last couple of weeks have been all about the seductively lush "Rock With U," but this week "Luv" totally got me sprung with the combo of Rodney Jerkins' thumping beat and Janet's sweet crooning about being overtaken by romance.

3) Lil Mama with Chris Brown T-Pain – "Shawty Get Loose"

This cut did nothing for me when I first heard it. Plus, there's something about Lil Mama's image that rubs me the wrong way. Unless she's trying to appeal to pedophiles, I really don’t get the baby outfit with the blinged-out pacifier that she wore to the MTV Music Video Awards or lyrics where she calls herself the "young hot toddler." What's next? Sporting diapers to the BET Awards and rhyming about making a doodie.

[Also troubling are some of her lyrics, which come off as downright gross: "When I spit, it's like mucus. Gotta get rid of it." Really, girl, disgusting!!!]

But, anyway, after I saw the "Scream"-inspired video, the song's electro-groove started to win me over, and if mini-Mama's sleek, sexy new look is any indication, it seems as if she's already beginning to grow up.

4) Sheryl Crow - "Love Is Free"

O.K., so seriously, Sheryl Crow is, like, totally my hero. She's over 40 and as productive and vital as ever. What's more, she can still pull sexy younger guys like Lance Armstrong and then move on with grace and style when the relationship is over. (Hell, she even beat breast cancer.) I love SO many cuts from her new album, Detours"Shine Over Babylon," "Gasoline," the title track, and the poignant "Lullaby for Wyatt," which is about her baby boy even though the lyrics could apply to just about anyone who's stolen your heart ("You were mine for a time…But love is letting go, this I know…"). But this week I kept coming back to the upbeat "Love is Free" if for no other reason than it always makes me smile.

5) Janet - "Feedback"

I still can't believe this song wasn't a bigger hit with its sexy-as-fuck attitude. Frankly, I can't even remember what song I used to play to get ready to go out before "Feedback" was released. (The Moto Blanco mix of Mary J. Blige's "Just Fine" or Junior Vasquez's "In Da Club Mix" of Kelly Rowland's "Ghetto," perhaps?) Anyway, now that all of the mixes are out, I can listen to the song for, like, 45 minutes straight. (About how long it takes me to get ready to go out, anyway.) These are my favorite mixes:

"Feedback (Unofficial Remix with Ciara)"

Two years ago, there was all of this buzz about Miss Jackson doing a duet with Mariah. But this mix shows that a pairing with Ciara might be a better match. Apparently, Ciara did this mix herself as a sort of tribute to her singing/dancing mentor, and it works for the way their sexy cyber-babe voices easily meld.

[Also, one bonus for people who are still uncomfortable with the idea that women menstruate, Ciara has replaced Janet's classic line that her swagger is as "heavy as a first-day period."]

Janet - "Feedback (Ralphi Rosario Dirty Club Remix)"

A full-on mainstream dance club assault fueled by Janet repeating "'cause I'm sexy." What better message to hear while you're, say, standing in front of the bathroom mirror brushing your teeth, shaving, or trimming your nose hairs in preparation for a hot night out. (Or is this just me?)

Janet - "Feedback (Wideboys Club Remix)"

I love the sleazy electro vibe of this mix. Plus, it keeps those fierce, pounding drums from the original version and, in a titularly (don't cha love this word) appropriate move, it adds actual feedback.

"Feedback (Craig J Sassy Mix)"

Where the previous mix is sleazy (in a good way), this one is a sunny burst o' fun with its head-bopping beat and dreamy 80s keyboards.

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