Saturday, June 14, 2008

Recent Interviews

I've been lucky enough to be interviewed by some really cool people lately. The thing with an interview is that you often talk to someone for a long time and then it gets whittled down to a relatively short article. You never quite know what to expect. But I was really pleased in both of these cases:

1) The Washington Post q&a by Gabe Oppenheim.

Favorite quote o' mine: "I always wanted to be a writer, but taking the risk as a stripper allowed me to take risks in other parts of my life. . . . [but] I wouldn't put stripping on the curriculum for J-school. That was just part of my journey. That happened to be the thing I needed. The better solution perhaps is just to take chances all along the way."

2) The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article by my former colleague Rich Eldredge.

Favorite quote 'o mine: “People don’t come a la carte. Like anyone, I’ve got good qualities and I’ve got annoying qualities. You’re either going to like me or you don’t. All I can do is be honest and tell my truth.”

I know my syntax is a little jacked up there. Jeez, maybe that's one of my annoying qualities. (And it's not like I have that many, O.K.)

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