Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Spotlight" on J-Hud

In an effort to prove I'm not a narcissist as "Publishers' Weekly" claims, I'm writing this post that is not about me, although it is about my new favorite song. (Is that still narcissistic?) Whatever. At least, I'm not posting a video of me singing the song or something. Anyway, it's "Spotlight" by J-Hud, a woman who I've supported ever since she sang "Circle of Life" on "American Idol." (O.K., now I am kinda starting to sound like it's all about me.)

Check it out on itunes.

Here's the video. I like it and I think she looks great. But the Campari product placement is a bit over-the-top. And I LOVE Campari. (Straight up, on the rocks if you're wondering.) I understand that this reflects the economic realities of the music biz now, but given that her Sex and the City character was largely a mouthpiece for Bag, Borrow or Steal, I think J-Hud's in danger of losing her most valuable asset, her authenticity. At some point, I want to know what she's into, not just what folks are paying her to tout.

But, for now, this is a minor quibble. I love the song, and I'm also really feeling two of the remixes: Quentin Harris' "Dark Collage Club Mix" and Johnny Vicious' dub.

Oh, and here's "Circle of Life":

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