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Rachel Getting Married's screenwriter Jenny Lumet on the Writing Process

Just saw Rachel Getting Married and LOVED it!!!! I also really love this quote by the film's writer, Jenny Lumet, about the process of writing the script:

It sucked. It sucked in the sense that, it would be lovely if writing was done in a room full of people telling you how wonderful you are, plying you with M&M’s and showering you with cash. But you know, it doesn’t freakin’ work that way. I have a son, I have a home, I have a mortgage, I teach in school, so you work when you can. You have to learn to take advantage of the time you have because you don’t have that much. When you have kids, it’s a different universe.

There are moments of total joy when you’re really pleased with yourself because you wrote something funny or you wrote something clever, or hopefully, you wrote something brave and honest. I really loved having written much more than I enjoyed the writing.

Source: Go Into the Story

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