Monday, April 27, 2009

Creative Inspiration: Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss is one of my heroes. I love that he was a big time NY Times writer, but said goodbye to the paper in order to pursue his own writing goals, which included co-authoring books with porn stars and rockers, as well as, immersing himself into a secret society of pick-up artists. [Sidebar: His book is about picking up women, but I've totally used some of the techniques to bag guys.] Strauss' career choices made me realize that there was life beyond journalism.

Anyway, he has a new book out about survival techniques called Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life, and he frequently sends out emails letting readers know what he's up to. I thought his most recent email, in response to writing contest he sponsored, offered some great advice for creative people, especially in these tight economic times.

"Remember, the no's don't matter. It only takes one "yes" to launch your career, and your life, in a whole new direction."

"If you follow the money, you can lose the money and then you'll have nothing. If you follow your bliss - your passion in life - the money can come and go, but no one will be able to take away your happiness and your excitement for what you're doing."

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