Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Idol" Thoughts

Watching American Idol is like dating multiple people at once. Some you dismiss right off the bat. Others you like at first, but soon grow tired of. And then, occasionally, someone makes you fall in love.

At this point in the season, I know exactly where each contestant stands with me.

The “Disco Show” was marred by two people, who hopefully will be saying goodbye this week: Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud. Over the past few weeks, Lil’s performances have reminded me of those shows in Vegas where one drag queen pretends to be whole slew of divas. But now Lil is becoming painful to watch because she has no artistic identity yet doesn’t know it. This was only underscored by her ironic song choice. “I’m Every Woman?” How ‘bout trying to be just one good one—yourself.

Also lacking an identity was Matt Giraud. His look is becoming more Justin Timberlake, while his performances are going the way of Joey Fatone.

The others struck me like this:

Kris Allen: Still cute. Still talented. Can’t imagine buying an album from him in a million years.

Danny Gokey: Gettin’ kinda hokey.

Allison Iraheta: My affection hasn’t been totally eclipsed. But this was way too Bonnie Tyler for me.

Adam Lambert: His pleading, slowed-down take on “If I Can’t Have You” was well-sung and emotive. But it kinda made him come off like a contestant on “Stalker Idol.”

Anoop Desai: Can’t get past this arrangement of “Dim All The Lights,” which sounds like a Muzak version of Chris Brown’s “Forever.” But the singing was OK, except for that last pubescent-Peter-Brady note.

Overall, it was a bum night. What’s the point of a disco show when nearly every song sounds like a torch ballad, an over-produced piece of 80s pop, or the musical love child between Donna Summer and Jason Mraz. Way to get the party stopped.

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Coffee Maker said...

poor Anoop; but at least he is really likable... there's a lot of other things he can well I'm sure