Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Idol Thoughts

I have to admit that the show is getting a little anticlimactic for me now that it seems like the finale lineup is a forgone conclusion: Adam Lambert vs. either Danny Gokey or Kris Allen. (I'm hoping for Kris only b/c he's prettier to look at.)

Here's what I made of last night's show:

KRIS ALLEN: Passable, but a little wide-eyed and smarmy. And, dude, Gillette that shit above your lip!

I did like Simon's idea of Kris being " a little bit wet." I'll take Kris A LOT "Wet," preferably with an added warming sensation.

Allison Iraheta: Still my girl. Don't think she'll make it into the finals. But I'm ready to buy her album.

Matt Giraud: Oh, shit: Is he still on the show? I swear, I thought he'd been voted off. He's not improving, and he's singlehandedly setting male-hat-wearing back 20 years.

Danny Gokey: Everything Danny does lately is coming off as schtick to me. His voice is so overpowering that he needs to keep the arrangements spare. This was a big, brassy mess.

Adam Lambert: Same ole, some ole. But the ghosts of Freddie Mercury, Peter Allen, and Paul Lynde must be incredibly proud.

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