Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brent Corrigan Dancing or What "Peter" Looked Like

As promised, here's some video of Brent Corrigan shaking his money maker at Hydrate in Chicago. And before you think this blog is turning into a Brent Corrigan fan site, I just wanted to explain a little about why I like him (other than the fact that he's cute, of course). I realized over the weekend that he looks almost exactly like my friend "Peter" from my memoir, All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C. So watching him dance brings back a lot of memories. "Peter" even used to dance in briefs and swimwear like Brent does in the clip. If the film version ever pans out, I'm totally gonna recommend him for the part.

Anyway, here's the clip. (PG-13 but prob NSFW) I'm posted it at multiple sites, b/c sometimes clips are yanked for various reasons. Enjoy...

Brent Corrigan's Love Game from Craig Seymour on Vimeo.

And if you want to download it, go here.

And if you want to see my other video of a dancing porn star -- in this case, tatted-up bad boy, Ricky Sinz--go here:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kenneth Anger's - "Scorpio Rising"

Couldn't get up the energy to participate in any International Mr. Leather events, but I did sit back on my couch, eat sushi, and watch Kenneth Anger's always amazing "Scorpio Rising." And, once again, I couldn't get Elvis Presley's "Devil in Disguise" or Gene McDaniel's "Point of No Return" out of my head. Damn, that catchy pop music!!! This film is totally giving me the video-making bug again...

Grabbys Day #4: Blue Brent

Brent Corrigan Auctioning Off His Undies For Charity (TPAN) at North End:

Grabbys '09: THE SHOW

Had a gr8 time at the Grabbys. Thought Chi Chi LaRue, Honey West, Brent (dreamy) Corrigan, Wolf Hudson, and Blake "Baby Got Back" Riley did a fine job hosting. Here's how it went down:

Let the gay-mes begin...

Honey & Chi Chi get the party started...

Little Blue Hosting-hood...

I feel like this should be one of those Insert-Your-Own-Captions for what Chi Chi is thinking. Send me ur ideas and I'll post them:

Blake Riley being "Straight-ish for Pay"

All up in that ass...Why do I get the feeling that Honey West is a total playa?

Chi Chi flaunting the fact that she can now wear stripes w/o any fear of looking fat...

Erik Rhodes winning a gigantic-ass award. But he wasn't paying attention, so he didn't know what it was for. And, honestly, neither do I.

Since he's my Twitter pal, I'll refer to him as @jasonsechrest accepting an award for his B.F.F. @djchichilarue.

Brent getting to know his co-host Wolf Hudson a lil' better...

Altogether now, "awwwwwww:" Logan McCree & his boyfriend Vinnie D'Angelo, who met on the set of The Drifter, which happened to win the Grabby for Best Picture. It also happened to be their 1 year Anniversary. Puke if ya want, but I think it's sweet.

More fierceness from Chi Chi, who's totally giving off a Madonna-wearing-Givenchy vibe with the black & the chains.

Chi Chi and some scary leather dude who ran onstage

If those buns could talk...

Steve Cruz, who apparently has a cool, award-winning blog, sharing the award for Best Performer with Diesel Washington--also a blogger--who brought his mom to the show and, later the same evening, would be seen on Twit Pic drinking his own lemonade, if u catch my drift.

My New England homie. (Not using his name b/c not sure what his nome-de-screw is.) Used to have a big crush on him. If u see him, ask him 2 do his rave dance. (LOL.)

Show respect 2 Lifetime Achievement Award winner Steven Scarborough.

Strike a pose:

Honey & Chi Chi givin' u the "laters..."

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Had a gr8 time covering the Grabbys '09. The Red Carpet was a blast-ola!!!

Predictably, there were fans:

...and gawkers

But most of all, there were the stars that u luv...2 wank off 2...

Here's Chi Chi LaRue making a glamorous arrival. (Btw, see the guy in the far left corner: I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM, SERIOUSLY!!!)

Here's that guy--whose name is Cameron Marshall--getting in the way of my lens, again. Dude, honestly, move! Oh yeah, he's with his pal, Blake Riley.

OMG, would u believe that Cameron kid--who's totally giving me a younger, less Republican Rick Schroeder vibe--is in another shot? WTF? And his bud, Blake, is showing off the reason he was nominated 4 Hottest Bottom.

The Brent-ster arrives. Ppl ask me why I like him since he's so controversial. And I'm like, fuckin' duh, he's cute...

More Brent...can there ever be 2 much?

Logan "F-in' Hot Ass Tatted Up" McCree...

Some guy showing off his "Baywatch"-worthy abs. (Note to his fans: Just email me and tell me who the F he is. No need 2 get all mad.)

UPDATE: So, at the afterparty @ Charlie's, I found out that this is T.J. Hawke. And he told me that I better not talk shit about him--which I found kinda hot!

Can I just say how glad I am that I didn't wear my Star Trek Romulan outfit to the Grabbys this year:

Weather Report: It was F-in cold out, but he was giving us South Beach -- respect!

OMG, remember the queen whose balls came out on "RuPaul's Drag Race?" Well, here she is. Notice how I was scared to shoot below the waist.

Someone went a lil' Gaga...

Just some random fierce queen getting out of a cab...Kinda Rihanna-ish, no?


Grabby show pix soon (???) or ltr if I go 2 the afterparty...


So, the day started with me heading to Roscoe's for a taping of The Tim & Roma Show". Various porn celebs showed up, including:

Director Chi Chi LaRue, who's totally done a Lagerfeld and lost more than 100 pounds...

Blake Riley

Matthew Rush

Cameron Marshall

Jeremy Bilding

Logan McCree

Brent Corrigan

Diesel Washington

Then, I headed to Hydrate for more Brent..

Video to come...