Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grabbys '09: THE SHOW

Had a gr8 time at the Grabbys. Thought Chi Chi LaRue, Honey West, Brent (dreamy) Corrigan, Wolf Hudson, and Blake "Baby Got Back" Riley did a fine job hosting. Here's how it went down:

Let the gay-mes begin...

Honey & Chi Chi get the party started...

Little Blue Hosting-hood...

I feel like this should be one of those Insert-Your-Own-Captions for what Chi Chi is thinking. Send me ur ideas and I'll post them:

Blake Riley being "Straight-ish for Pay"

All up in that ass...Why do I get the feeling that Honey West is a total playa?

Chi Chi flaunting the fact that she can now wear stripes w/o any fear of looking fat...

Erik Rhodes winning a gigantic-ass award. But he wasn't paying attention, so he didn't know what it was for. And, honestly, neither do I.

Since he's my Twitter pal, I'll refer to him as @jasonsechrest accepting an award for his B.F.F. @djchichilarue.

Brent getting to know his co-host Wolf Hudson a lil' better...

Altogether now, "awwwwwww:" Logan McCree & his boyfriend Vinnie D'Angelo, who met on the set of The Drifter, which happened to win the Grabby for Best Picture. It also happened to be their 1 year Anniversary. Puke if ya want, but I think it's sweet.

More fierceness from Chi Chi, who's totally giving off a Madonna-wearing-Givenchy vibe with the black & the chains.

Chi Chi and some scary leather dude who ran onstage

If those buns could talk...

Steve Cruz, who apparently has a cool, award-winning blog, sharing the award for Best Performer with Diesel Washington--also a blogger--who brought his mom to the show and, later the same evening, would be seen on Twit Pic drinking his own lemonade, if u catch my drift.

My New England homie. (Not using his name b/c not sure what his nome-de-screw is.) Used to have a big crush on him. If u see him, ask him 2 do his rave dance. (LOL.)

Show respect 2 Lifetime Achievement Award winner Steven Scarborough.

Strike a pose:

Honey & Chi Chi givin' u the "laters..."

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