Saturday, June 13, 2009

Current Obsession: EYES OF LAURA MARS

Eyes of Laura Mars is pretty bad overall but I love its use of Helmut Newton photos, vintage disco ("Let's All Chant"), and 70s NYC street scenes. It was originally a vehicle for Barbra Streisand but she felt the script was too kinky (hee hee). It was mostly panned by critics, but Pauline Kael--the woman who inspired me to pursue a career as a critic--wrote: "This New York-set thriller operates on mood and atmosphere and moves so fast, with such delicate changes of rhythm, that its excitement has a subterranean sexiness." (Don't cha just love her way with words.) And George Lucas was so impressed by a rough cut of the film that he hired director Irvin Kershner to helm The Empire Strikes Back.

This promotional featurette serves up the same mix of cool and campy as the movie itself. I love model Lisa Taylor--who, incidentally, is well-represented in the "Model as Muse" exhibition at the Met--calling fashion photography "chic news."

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