Thursday, June 25, 2009

Janet Jackson Talking About Michael

Missing Michael Jackson and all that he brought to the world...My heart goes out to the family. Keep thinking about the time I interviewed Janet Jackson in 2006 for a VIBE cover story.

Janet would light up and smile every time she talked about her brother, even though it was clear she was still burdened by his 2005 trial. One of her most interesting revelations was that Michael taught her about sex. Here are some excerpts:

Didn't you once walk in on your parents having sex when you were younger?
Yeah, but I didn't know what I was watching. I couldn't figure out what the hell it was. And the horrible thing about it was that I should have known about it way before then, because I was 11 or 12. But I had missed all my sex education classes.

So how did you find out what was going on?
My brother Mike and I were very close at that time, so he was the one who told me. Now don't forget, he's very young at this point too, so he's teaching me whatever it is he knows about it.

Can you imagine a situation where you'd have an in-depth sex talk with Michael now?
No. [Laughs] I think he'd be too embarrassed.

One of my favorite songs on the new album is "Enjoy." It reminds me of "Escapade"-era Janet.
This song was hard for me to sing. I recorded it the night before I was to go to Michael's ranch. That's when we were waiting for the jury to come back with a verdict. It was nerve-racking because he was on my mind a great deal. I cried in the studio while I was singing that song.

We mostly see you with your family when there's trouble.
They offer me love, comfort when I need it. I get beside myself when I'm with my family. I'm just beaming with joy.

Prayers go out to Janet and the whole family...

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