Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Cameron Marshall Tribute Post a.k.a. All Apologies

So, I went to the Lucky Horseshoe tonight to finally meet Cameron Marshall--a guy who, if you read my blog, you know that I've had a crush on for over a year. Anyway, he was a sweet guy as I expected. But the funny thing is that he had the impression that I've been talking shit about him. Now, any regular reader of my blog knows that I don't talk shit about anybody, especially porn boys. I think the hypocritical way that most guys treat them is bullshit (the way they jerk off to them in private, and judge them in public.) So, needless to say, I was bothered that Cameron thought I was a jerk. The only thing I remember doing is that, last year, I playfully pretended that he kept jumping in front of my camera, when, really, I was looking out for him. (You can view the post here.) But it was totally a joke. I'm just one of those immature guys, who's perpetually in the 3rd grade, meaning that I kinda have to make fun of guys who I think are cute. (My friends say that the only way they know I like a guy is if I'm mean to him.) So, as a mea culpa, I'm posting my favorite pictures that I've taken of Cameron Marshall. For the record, I think Cameron is cute, nice, and awesome. And the camera f--king loves him!

Are we cool now, Cameron? Lemme know. Your buddy - Craig

P.S. You can read and see everything I've ever posted about Cameron here. If you think I need to apologize for anything else, just let me know : )

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Cameron Marshall said...

Craig! Of Course were fine. It was great hanging out with you last night!