Thursday, December 30, 2010


Fave Singles

1) “Monster” – Kanye West w/ Rick Ross, Jay-Z, & Nicki Minaj:
the posse cut as high art

yearning hip-hop soul

3) “Deuces (Remix)” – Chris Brown w/ Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross, & Andre 3000:
bruised machismo meets genius wordplay; also proves that sometimes a nice melody matters more than the person behind it

4) “Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry:
affirms the time transcending properties of pop & love

5) "Hard in Da Paint" – Waka Flocka Flame:
a rousing outcast anthem

6) “Scream” – Kelis:
self-expression as ecstasy

sublime melancholia

8) “Indestructible” – Robyn:
a brave battle cry of love

the cliffhanging drama of a heart on the line

10) “Holding You Down” – Jazmine Sullivan:
soulful masochism over a hip-hop history lesson

Fave Albums

1) My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West:
dense, tense, soaring & wonderfully weird
Fave album track: “Devil in a New Dress” w/ Rick Ross

2) Thank Me Later – Drake:
Portrait of the Hip-Hop Artist as a Young Man
Fave album track: “Light Up” w/ Jay-Z

3) Teflon Don – Rick Ross:
a hustler reflects on life, love, aspirations & regrets over epic beats
Fave album track: “Maybach Music III” w/ T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu

4) Flesh Tone – Kelis:
a dance party celebration of maturity, motherhood & being true to yourself
Fave track: “Brave”

5) Body Talk – Robyn:
pop as a platform for play, politics, romantic confessionals & fuck-offs
Fave album track: “Dancehall Queen”


Fave Dance Mixes

1) Rated R Remixed – Rihanna:
catharsis on the dancefloor

a stuttering amusement park ride

an out-of-control electro freak-out

Little Miss Sunshine rediscovers joy

a thumping journey from hypnotic trance to headbanging dubstep & back again

Fave Hip-Hop Mixtapes

1) Friday Night Lights – J. Cole:
troubled musings from Jay-Z’s promising protégé
Essential track: “The Autograph”

2) Farewell Summer – Joell Ortiz:
NY hip-hop like it used be done; his album Free Agent (leaked, but due next year) is a monster
Essential track: “Battle Cry”

3) Last  Laugh – Young Jeezy:
More gritty tales from the Trap
Essential track: “Last Laugh”

4) K.R.I.T. Wuz Here – Big K.R.I.T.:
Southern hip-hop blues.

5) Past Presents Future – Diggy Simmons:
son knows best
Essential track: “Rising to the Top”

Fave Nicki Minaj Verses (Explicit Lyrics Warning)

1) “Monster” – Kanye West w/ Rick Ross, Jay-Z, & Nicki Minaj:
“Pink wig/thick ass/give ‘em whiplash/I think big/get cash/make ‘em blink fast”

2) “Roman’s Revenge” – Nicki Minaj & Eminem
“I’m a bad bitch/I’m a cunt/And I’ll kick that ‘ho/Punt!”

3) “My Chick Bad” – Ludacris & Nicki Minaj
“Now all these bitches wanna try and be my besty/But I take a left and leave them hanging like a testes/Trash talk to ‘em then I put ‘em in a Hefty/Running down the court/I’m dunkin’ on ‘em/Lisa Leslie”

4) “Roger That” – Young Money
“Flow tighter than a dick in a butt”

5) “Bottoms Up” – Trey Songz w/ Nicki Minaj
“Can I get that ‘tron/Can I get that Remy/Can I get that Coke/Can I get that Henny/Can I get that margarita on the rocks, rocks, rocks/Can I get salt all around that rim, rim, rim, rim…”

6) “Did It On ‘Em” – Nicki Minaj
“If you could turn back time/Cher/You used to be here, now you’re gone/Nair”

7) “Hello, Good Morning (Remix)” – Diddy-Dirty Money w/ Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj
“…did I kill a Queen/Now Alexander McQueen’s got the wrist on glow/The bottles is on pour/Got the shimmy, shimmy ya/shimmy ya/shimmy yo”

8) “Up All Night” – Drake w/ Nicki Minaj
“Fuck I look like ‘ho/I look like ‘yes’/and you look like ‘no’”

9) “Haterade” – Gucci Mane w/ Pharrell & Nicki Minaj
“Yes, I’m epic/Look how I rep it”

10) “I Ain’t Thru” – Keyshia Cole w/ Nicki Minaj
“Bad bitch central/Check my credential/…You ain’t even got a credit card for incidental”

Fave Country Songs (no order)

one of the sweetest, most romantic songs of the year; fave lines: “This little bitty living room ain’t gonna look like much/But when the lights go down and we move the couch/it’s gonna be more than enough/for my two left feet/and our two hearts beatin’/Nobody’s gonna see us go crazy”

“Heart Like Mine” – Miranda Lambert
in the tradition of the best country songs about sinnin’, grace & redemption: “’Cause I heard Jesus, he drank wine/And I bet we’d get along just fine/…I bet he’d understand a heart like mine.”

Fave Video

“Window Seat” – Erykah Badu:
Medulla Oblongata literally puts her ass on the line in order to school us on the costs of living free

Fave Guilty Pleasure


“All Time Low (Daddy’s Groove Mix)” – The Wanted:
cute British boys singing about heartache; what’s not to love?

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