Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Postcard From John Waters

(I've removed my street address.)

So, today I got a HUGE thrill when I went to the mailbox and saw a postcard from legendary filmmaker John Waters. It reads: 

"Dear Craig, 
Thank you for your lovely smut collection!
John Waters"

Let me explain. 

In March, I went to see John Waters give a lecture at Lake Forest College near Chicago. At the subsequent book signing, I was talking to him about the photographs I take in strip clubs, and he seemed interested. (I knew that he was into strip clubs from the infamous "tea-bagging" scene in Pecker.) I told him that I would send him copies of my books, American Boys: A Strip Club Diary and Shower. I never expected to hear back from him, so I was ecstatic to get the postcard. I mean, for my work to be called "smut" by the "King of Sleaze," that's an honor.

Btw, here's how he signed my copy of his excellent essay collection, Role Models. [There's a great chapter on outsider porn auteurs, David Hurles a.k.a "Old Reliable" (NSFW)  and Bobby Garcia (NSFW).] Rather than have him sign the front of the book, I wanted him to put his signature on the page with my favorite passage. It reads:

I know that true love is supposed to be companionship, growing old together, blah blah blah. I thought that was what friends were for, not sexual partners! Some of us want hot lunatic porn sex and we want it forever!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

BONUS: Several years ago, I interviewed Waters about his holiday album, A John Waters Christmas. Of course, I used the opportunity to ask him a bunch of off-the-wall questions, including which Chipmunk--Alvin or one of his bros--he thought was the hottest. You can read it here