Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CRAIG APPROVED (TV): Bette Davis as "The Decorator"

I've been in love with Bette Davis ever since I was a little boy watching her in b&w movies on TV. (My fave movies of hers include one of her most critically acclaimed, All About Eve, and one of her most critically reviled, Dead Ringer, which I find both hysterically camp and sadly poignant.) I've read almost all of her many books. (I highly recommend The Lonely Life.) And I've watched several documentaries on her life. This is why I was very surprised to find out that she had done a TV pilot that I had never heard of before.

It was done in 1965, and there were some pretty big names behind it. Aaron Spelling was the producer, and Mart Crowley, who wrote The Boys in the Band, worked on the script. The premise of the show is that Bette is an interior decorator, who insists upon living with her clients. As she explains, "You see, staying in the homes of my clients makes it possible for me to get to know them and to decorate their homes to reflect their personalities, assuming of course they have one."

It's a shame the show wasn't picked up. Based on the pilot, it would've been a riot.

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