Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Photos from the 1986 New York Music Awards

As a teenager, I attended the first New York Music Awards in 1986. It was held at Madison Square Garden. My primary intention was to meet Madonna so that we could become the best friends that I thought we were destined to be. It turned out that she was a no-show. But I still had a good time, stalking the entrance and taking pictures with a disposable camera that I picked up at Penn Station. Here are three of my favorite shots. It cracks me up that I still take the same kind of pictures.

(John "Jellybean" Benitez: If I couldn't see Madonna, at least I got to see her former boyfriend. Besides, his Wotupski cassette was fixture in my Walkman.)

(DMC of RUN DMC: He walked in with a bag of take-out. Hilarious!)

(Alisha: The super-dope Freestyle princess. I wore the grooves out of every one of her early 12"s.)


Jellybean - "Dancing on the Fire"

Run DMC - "Rock Box"

Alisha - "Too Turned On"

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