Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Ode to the Six Boys I've Loved

(a drawing one of the boys made for me)

Ode to the Six Boys I've Loved
By Craig Seymour

XXXX: 1975
The first grader who broke this second grader's heart. I've never gotten over your blond hair, blue eyes, and the mean way you said goodbye.

XXXXX: 1985
The boy who taught me how to do guy stuff like climb rocks. Remember the time you let me spike your hair? I did it just to touch you.

XXXX: 1986
The boy I met when he was new in town. The boy who showed me the sunken hollow in his chest.

Remember when we rode across country--you played James Taylor, I played Madonna and Bananarama? 

The boy who once stopped his car in the middle of D.C. traffic just to give me flowers. The boy I still think about whenever someone speaks of love.

XXXX: 1989
The boy who loved me back the most. The boy I couldn't stay faithful to.

XXXXXX: 2000
The boy I met while dancing to Monica's "The First Night." The boy who came on to me. The boy I loved sticking my penis in. But, dude, it was way too complicated!

XXXXXX: 2007
The boy who most resembled the boy of my dreams. The boy who drew me pictures and let me take pictures of him. 

The boy who I will always love, even if that boy no longer lives in the person he has become.


Matt Lenzman said...

Very touching, Craig.

QH said...

Real & complicated. Like love should be I suppose.-QH

Craig Seymour said...

Thanks for the nice comments, guys. It really means a lot.