Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grabbys 2013 Preview

In anticipation of this year's Grabbys--the annual Gay Adult Video Awards--I'm releasing my never-seen-before, "Director's Cut" video from last year's After Party. Check it out!!!

The Grabbys are always a blast, because they quite literally bring butt loads of cute porn stars to Chicago. (You can check out my photos from past Grabbys here.)This year, I'm particularly excited about two special events:

1) The Skin Trade Party: This is the opening soiree of Grabbys weekend. For me, it's consistently the most fun event. All the porn guys are still fresh and not hungover, and Chi Chi LaRue deejays like she's having a private party in her basement. It's a total CAN'T MISS.

2) The Cocky Boys Party: It's no secret that I'm a total twink addict, but I have to admit--SHOCKER--that I've never actually seen any of the Cocky Boys videos. Still, I know that they're all the fuckin' rage, so this joint has the potential to be as "turnt up" as the legendary Bel Ami party of 2011. Personally, I'll be keeping an eye out for that Jake Bass. He has the whole tattooed rocker boy thing that I like.

Anyway, do your horny-homo-self a favor and check out the Grabbys and all the associated events. You can get the whole schedule here. And, if you see me around, be sure to say "what's up?"

P.S. If you liked the After Party video, check out some of my stuff:

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