Saturday, February 1, 2014


My fave finds of the week culled from the worlds of music, design, photography, video, and cute guys.

1) The Beyoncé alphabet. Just B-cause.

2) This vine, which sums up how so many of my nights end.

3) The work of club-doorman-turned-photographer Sven Marquardt

4) Harry Style's ass. Also, his "cheeky" expression.
(Check out the awesome Matt Bellassai's complete breakdown of butt-gate.)

5) DJ OG Ron C's Chopped and Screwed remix of John Mayer's "Who You Love." 

I know a lot of folks were all about Madonlemore's "Same Love" Grammy performance. But, for me, this was the heart-wants-what-it-wants jam of the week. 

Chopped and Screwed music is still unappreciated despite elements of it breaking into mainstream pop (like the "This our party..." voice on Miley's "We Can't Stop"). But I've always loved the hypnotic nature of it. There's also so much tension involved in listening to song played at a slower tempo and jauntily edited. It's delayed gratification. The aural equilvilent of tantric sex.

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