Friday, April 11, 2014


My five fave finds & re-discoveries of the week. 
(In no particular order)

1) Vivian Maier documentaries 

Vivian Maier, the Chicago nanny who was a secret street photographer, is the subject of two recent documentaries: Finding Vivian Maier and The Vivian Maier Mystery. This week, I took to the couch to check out both of them since Finding, is available On Demand, and Mystery is on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. I highly recommend them as double-feature. 

Finding focuses on the very cute John Maloof, who discovered some of Maier's photos at an auction. He went on to become both her biggest collector and greatest champion. Finding, which he co-directs, chronicles his quest to find out more about her life, particularly why she never showed her work and didn't even develop a lot of her film. He talks to a lot of families that Maier worked for and discovers that the camera bug nanny definitely had a dark side. 

I didn't expect to like the BBC-produced Mystery as much, but I actually really enjoyed it. Maloof doesn't participate in this film, so you get to see some of the other collectors and hear the extremes they went to in order to find more of Maier's work. In Mystery, you also get to see a lot of the lesser known Maier images, since Maloof owns the bulk of the images that have been popularized. 

Both docs provide a fascinating look at an intensely creative yet deeply troubled soul. 

F.Y.I. Here are some of my favorite Maier photos

Maier was also great at the #selfie

2) SZA - Z

This week, SZA (pronounced Wu-Tang style) totally seduced me with her debut album filled with sweet vocals over tippy, off-kilter beats. Think Aaliyah produced by Portishead. 

3) The new issue of EY!

EY! Magateen--the hottest and most consistently provocative men's fashion magazine--is back with a NYC-based issue shot by Steven Klein. I will be hounding my mail person every day until my issue arrives.

4) Quotes from The Paris Review

Social media has created an insatiable appetite for cool quotes that sum up your current mood, provide inspiration, or make you seem smart. The website of the esteemed literary magazine The Paris Review will help you out with the latter goal. It includes interviews with important authors that date back to the '50s. But most important, each interview comes with a tweet-able pull quote.

5) Superhero #selfies by artist Butcher Billy

See ya next week!

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